I will keep the womans name nameless for my Anti-BBWNFS girl. I dislike skinny scrawny thin girls who remind me of someone who lives in a 3rd world country. I have pointed out the main reasons why I do not like her and why she needs to eat. This is not a personal attack, just an example to explain myself further.

In many of her photo-shoots you see in magazines, they do one hell of a job airbrushing her disgusting legs and rib cage body. Don’t be fooled by Photo Shop Magic. Anyways on with the list:

1. Concentration Camp Arms. Angelina Jolie is famous for them as well and why she fell off my top 5 list faster than panties on prom night.
2. Gaunt Face. I like heartshaped faces and most skinny girls have gaunt thin faces.
3. No Chesticals. Even a wonder bra couldn’t resurrect the invert-ness of this chest. Women = Boobs. If you prefer a woman to look like this than understand you are now in “fetish” territory, like face sitting and golden showers.
4. Rib Cage Body. Hey a woman in shape, you can see her rib cage, no big deal. But when you can see the entire ribcage from from to back and the spinal cord all the way down *shutter* that is flat our gross. She should have her agent book her in the next science class to the local Beverly Hills High School.
5. No Hips No Ass. I am sure she has issues wearing certain clothes because they would fall right off of her. With no hips they can’t stay on the body unless she double side tapes them. Woman need hips and ass to be attractive.
6. Amphibian Skin. She is so friggen skinny her legs look like something out of a Alien movie. No meat, just bones, the skin has to do something and… wait… I think I just threw up in my mouth.
7. Knob Knee. Its like a twist joint or something you buy at a hardware store. 9 out of 10 skinny chicks have terrible legs. She is no exception.
8.Shapeless Legs. No curve, no shape. Just looks like two sticks stuck in a meatbag.