siriRecently I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on this. I hoping to continue with it. To help me with this, Siri, an actress in the Adult Industry had this to say:

BeRuud, I totally applaud your desire to further define this category of women. There is no place for women who are not BBWs nor the typical 34-26-34 girl in porn. I fall into this category, as well as a whole host of other gorgeous women in the adult industry.

However, in my experience the true problem here lies in the way adult companies decide to market their products. I’ve been featured in, and on the covers of, a few DVDs which were supposed to feature exactly the kind of women you’re talking about – women with curves, women who are not fat or even really overweight; women whose beauty is above average… and I came to find that none of these DVDs are even for sale where I live, in Los Angeles, because distributors immediately catch keywords like “curvy” and “juicy” and “voluptuous” in the DVD description or title, and it gets shot over to the BBW category, which most adult stores in major US cities do not even stock because it’s considered too much of a “niche.” Despite the fact that I have only ever accepted non-BBW work and shoot offers, the industry eventually seems to find a way to niche-ify any kind of content that involves girls who are NOT BBWs but are just not industry “average” size 4 or 6.

What I am trying to get at here, is if we’re going to try to create a new definition of girls like me in the industry, I don’t really see the point unless the porn industry starts to get behind the idea that just because a girl’s a size 8 or 10 (I happen to be between 8 and 10 for the record) doesn’t mean she’s a BBW, which almost by definition would have to be a size 16 or larger.

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