whatisbbwnfs 1. The Normal Arm. An Arm that looks like… an ARM! I know it’s not some special thing here, but one of my biggest quams is the concentration arm that makes me shutter. I would rather see flabby arms than a bag of skin with two twigs in them.
2. Cute Heart Shaped Face. It comes with being healthy. Usually nicer skin as well. Nice round cheeks, good complexion and big full lips. Love the big eyes.
3. Big Beautiful Chest. That is the mark of a woman. The Chest. Big, beautiful, round, soft, alluring and mesmerizing. When they are pushed up they are two mounds of glorious perfection.
4. Curvy Waist Area. I don’t mind a little pot belly, in many ways it’s cute and it’s “real.” Again it usually comes with perfect soft skin and even at a glance its a instant turn on.
5. Nice Hips and Ass. No worries about a little “junk in the trunk” BBWNFS girls have curves. Some are more than others… like Kim Kardashian… or perfect asses like Britney Spears. It is what a woman should look like.
6. Shapely Legs. Legs that match the ass is important, nice curvy shapely legs is an almost must for a BBW NFS. Now there are some thinner girls out there with amazing ass/leg combo’s like Kate Beckinsale.