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This Is How You Work Out

Here is the worlds greatest workout video. Yes I love sexy workout videos… growing up in my time frame, my imagination had to be the better part of my “cravings.” Watching yoga, aerobics and workout videos were my fuel. Give you this might as well be softcore… but its a lot of fun. Vid below… Continue Reading

MR.SKIN: Sara Rue

Early in her career, full-bodied bombshell Sara Rue played second fiddle to leaner leading ladies like model-perfect co-star Leslie Bibb on the WB’s cult teen series Popular and baby-boned babe Kate Beckinsale in the blockbuster Pearl Harbor (2001). Today, ABC execs are confident that the superhumanly stacked Sara is woman enough to carry a captivating… Continue Reading

MR.SKIN: Elizabeth Masucci

WHO IS ELIZABETH MASUCCI? New Jersey native Elizabeth Masucci’s body is so hot, you just cant Fuhgeddaboudit! The stupendously stacked Elizabeth first honed her toned body with ballet before moving to New York to study theatre while at Fordham University. But her star power was too big to be contained onstage, and she got in… Continue Reading

Kirstie Alley’s Topless Scene

I am trying to keep BBWNFS a non-nude site, so unfortunately I have to censor the tidbits… but click on the link to the left and you will get full disclosure and a video courtesy of Mr.Skin! Always like Kirstie Alley and now that she is heavier, I like her even more.I have also added… Continue Reading

Mr.Skin Special: Nikki Cox

Nikki Cox at her height of stardom was very very close to the prototypical BBWNFS. Now she is in and out of rehab for Anorexia. So Mr.Skin has a good array of images and a sweet Vid for you to look at. Click to the right on the image to see all the images and… Continue Reading

Mimi Rogers Nude Scenes

I think everyone can agree Mimi Rogers is a BBWNFS. Huge boobs, curvy body. So I found some videos with her nude. I will link to them. You might have to unclick the adult filter. 1. Full Body Massage -No Really, that is the name of the movie and its this guy who just feels… Continue Reading