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Wendy Fiore. Best Hidden Nips in the Industry

Apparently men are getting tired of waiting for the topless shoot for Wendy Fiore. They have set up a twitter account and petition to get her to do a topless shoot.

Bigbewbs,com is covering this more located here: Wendy Fiore Push for Nipples

There is no wonder why, her boobs are beautiful and massive. But shame on Wendy for not promoting the rest of, what appears to be, beautiful body. They focus on her face, which is beautiful, her boobs, I mean thats her cash cow (pun intended) but I found one partial ass shot. No legs, ass, back…etc. I get it, yes she has a beautiful face and big boobs, but I bet you she has a nice ass too. If you are interested you can visit and join her site here:

Anyways, I have found a sample gallery of this buxom babe Wendy Fiore.

Hosted on IMGBOX Link is here:


All images from sample galleries and courtesy of wendyfiore.com.