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Soooo if anyone is a fan of this site, they have been.. not so happy. I have not been updating the site regularly. I apologize.  My wife got a killer job about 2 hours away. I have been living without my beautiful wife for over 3 months. We get our visits but it’s not the same. Been getting the house ready for sale, looking for jobs, and running my own business which is doing pretty well. I am now moving down to be with her over the last few weeks, and it has been hectic, stressful and time consuming.

So in that respect, I am making a few changes that will help me to update and probably delight you.

1. I am allowing nudity on the site. I was truly trying to stay away from it, but it really reduces the amount of things I can post. Again there will be no Gyno visits, no toy playing, no soft core, no hard core and no goats!

2. I used to do something called the WEEKENDER and I will be reviving that on here and the Garblenuts site I run as well. Its a good way to get updates on things without me having to start from scratch.

3.My attempt for new ideas, new categories, keeping things diverse will be ramped up. Give me  couple weeks, and I will start bringing some more cool things like MR.SKIN exclusives, an ever revolving Hall Of Curves and more. If you have suggestions please comment below!

So that this wasn’t a completely meaningless click for you, enjoy this gorgeous girl from COSMID below.