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Suckers Born Every Minute.

A quick article on the marketing of waify women and the effect it has on men who are mentally very very small. It is surprisingly affective.

I am rifling through images and come across some Miranda Kerr images of her at some bikini shoot.They are located HERE ON GARBLENUTS.

A guy posts a comment “Extremely beautiful woman but… I can’t help think that adding a few pounds would help her in every aspect. Those tits as nice as they are (from the glimpse we have seen) to definitely do with some filling out.” It is a valid point.

Miranda Kerr currently weighs 119 pounds and she is 5’9.  According to the BMI scale that is almost 10% underweight. Now Miranda herself does not look ill, she actually looks healthy. She is a model and needs to be skinny.

The poor guy gets lambasted with responses stated that he needs to go “chase a fatty” and the like.

Really? Are people THAT dumb? Do they honestly believe that a Miranda Kerr style women is borderline FATTY? By telling someone to go chase a fatty in regards to boasting Kerr’s weight from 119 to say 125… oy vey.*shake my head* It’s sad how dumb people are, and how diligent they think they are being. Since adding a few pounds to Miranda Kerr would be the end of existence as we know it. Oddly enough, she was 125 when she shot her first photo shoot back from the baby. She did look better IMO… tits were bigger and body more curvy. See some of the images HERE.

So I digress… I don’t know why I argue with people that know very little of the world. That can’t comprehend. That have fantastical visions of the perfect woman, and a “few” pounds would just SHATTER that.

Hey look, Xbox One…