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Wiped Out In 30 Minutes

So last Thursday I received an e-mail from my domain privacy company. They have a letter attached from lawyers stating that Garblenuts, and 20 other websites, protected by them, have multiple copyright infringement issues. So I did a long search on google, on my site to find, that was not true, not even in the slightest. Every image was gathered from public domain, there were no tags, embedded info or more importantly the place I found the images did not have copyrights on any of the images.

Anyways, I called my good friend, who is a lawyer, and I sent him the letter. He says that they don’t have a chance in hell getting anything out of you, but they can take you to court and that would be expensive… I could some stuff for free, but my lawfirm would want some compensation. Looking at 2-3K. He said that would pretty much bury the allegations, they have no leg to stand on, but it could mean travel expense, lawyer expense, court fees possibly… a lot of time.

So I said, I just don’t have time for this, and I can’t trust what this sleezy lawfirm has up their sleeve. So I just closed the site down. Probably 2K hours of work put into that site, I loved doing it. But it made me ZERO money, it was a hobby. So I shut it down all together. I will reopen it for design purposes only. I am a graphic artist, a web developer and a marketing director. I could be useful to a website that has… questionable content.

This website will stay afloat. I am gearing it towards content I know I have been cleared to use. I can’t depend on public domain, and the sleezy pappy, lawyers and the other dark side of internet photography anymore. Mr.Skin will be my best friend.

With Garblenuts shut down, I can now update this site much more.  Thanks for reading. Take care.


Suckers Born Every Minute.

A quick article on the marketing of waify women and the effect it has on men who are mentally very very small. It is surprisingly affective. I am rifling through images and come across some Miranda Kerr images of her at some bikini shoot.They are located HERE ON GARBLENUTS. A guy posts a comment “Extremely… Continue Reading