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Changes for BBWNFS

Apparently there is no law to stop lawfirms for accusing you of wrong doing when you have done nothing wrong. As much as I love the internet, it gets annoying. Open domain, fair use and other by laws and such are useless when a useless lawfirm gets there hands on something.

Anyways, enough about air wasting lawyers, I am transferring all my celebrity content to IMGBOX.COM. There is not ONE image that is copyrighted on my site, and if there is, there is absolutely NO indication. So I am transferring ownership of these images to another site. If you are one of the turd sucking lawyers, you will have to contact IMGBOX now. I’m done with you fucking ass clowns.

All celebrity images will have a base celebrity image for it’s thumbnails and you will have to click the link to see the gallery.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Blame the skid marks called lawyers for this, not me.

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