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Google Adsense Nonsense

So I was using Google Adsense on this site for a short time. I am honestly trying to not have blatant nudity on this site. Maybe a slip here and there but nothing more. So I get this e-mail from the google adsense team stating I need to change MY site for me to continue with adsense. Yeah, CHANGE MY site… even though it’s within their guidelines. What I post can be viewed by any cosmo / FHM style magazine on the rack in a Walmart store. I love Google. Use it every day and will use it everyday. That will never change. But to demand someone to change their website because you are Google, is pathetic and humorous.


So here is the e-mail they sent me. I have listed the hilarity so you can follow better. Click on the picture to read.

1. I am guessing my website is AFFECTED or INFECTED.  I find it pretty funny how they list this, like I am a three armed monster with 10 nipples.

2. The page they are referring too… wait for it. Jennifer Love Hewitt on the TV show ELLEN. So essentially what they are saying, is that my candid collections that have almost nip slips and monster cleavage and g-string asses… is ok. But JLH showing cleavage on the ELLEN show was a breach of their terms and conditions. Does that mean Google will not endorse ELLEN? Is she too risque? I must of laughed for an hour. Google is the biggest company in the world, if not they are close. So they will have the generic round about way of saying they don’t want you advertising their drival on your website. That is fine… I don;t make hardly anything anyways, and in fact I am in the red by the end of the year anyways with these sites. I do this for enjoyment. But I have had Adsense on other websites for 2 years and never broke 100.00 despite good traffic. So this is probably a good thing for me.

3. They state here that NUDITY, PORN or CARTOON PORN can’t be on the site. There is no NUDITY on the site. Is there a slight malfunction or slip… sure… but flat out bare chests? Vaginal images? Bare butt holes? Not ONE. So if you don’t want me to advertise… then just say so… say, its a bit to risque… don’t copy/paste the submission and make me feel much more insignificant than I already am. Again, big company, little guy… I’ll never win, nor will they care.

4. According to them I have to change my site. Implement the correct changes for them. I don’t swear to often, but I feel its necessary for this.


Is that a good enough answer? I will NEVER change my site to make it “google” ready. I love Google, use it ALL THE TIME… but when it comes to MY site and MY content, you can go fuck yourself.

I have wasted enough time blabbering about this. Thank you for reading… one last thing:fuck_u_google