So where is this all going?

So where is this all going?

whatupIts been over a year since I last updated BBWNFS. Where is this all going you maybe asking… or probably not because you don’t give a shit.

I thoroughly enjoyed updating the site, it was fun finding images, posting them and looking back on them. But many things get in the way.

1. TIME.
I just don’t have time anymore. I run 3 blogs, a youtube channel, run my own business and work 40+ hours a week at a normal job. I truly do not have time.

I am tired of getting notices from this person, or this lawyer or this DMCA official, etc. I just got one about having a copyrighted image on my site. I have no quams removing ANY image from my site, ever. No questions asked, its gone. So I looked up the image in question and there is 517 results of the same image all over the internet according to Google. I feel bad for this girl who apparently does not want her image on the internet any longer. Seriously… even though I only had 1 pic up, most of the sites had her 217 image collection of her doing… well, lets just say not much of it was left to the imagination. So I am tired of dealing with these people.

I am spending way to much money right now on servers and domains, etc. I am switching over to a more affordable and oddly enough a better run company. So having to carry everything over and set it up… is a pain in the ass, takes to much TIME and I am sure it will alert even more people with deep regrets about posting their vagina’s on the internet.

I am going to keep the site, most likely keep the URL’s going. Switch all the images over to imagebam or something. Then in about a year. I will dismantle the site and move on. This goes with too. Hopefully this will not take much time and effort and it will stop the annoying emails I get every other month.

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